Rector, Arkansas
Rector High School Sports Hall of Fame, Inc.

2011 Hall of Fame Inductees

The Rector High School Sports Hall of Fame, Inc. is pleased to announce the 2011 inductees for the Rector High School Sports Hall of Fame.  The organization has four categories from which inductees may be selected:  (1) Athletes, (2) Teams, (3) Coaches and (4) Others who have made significant contributions to Rector, Greenway, or Clay County Central High School athletics.

        The 2011 inductees are as follows:
      Gary McClure Athlete Award
      Lavaughn Robertson Athlete Award
      Ted Box Coach Award
      1959 Basketball Team Team Award

Hours in the gym, Shooting shot after shot,

This place has no a/c, and man is it hot.

He works from his heart, Bleeding passion and fire.

With sweat on his forehead, he doesn’t show that he’s tired.

Even after a game, he will not rest

he stays in the gym, and he will be the best.

Teamwork is key, a skill not lacked.

he plays for the name on the front, not the one on the back

My team comes first, and after that, me

because before I wear the colors, I have to be on a team.

written by Katey Pittman

First Annual Hall of Fame Luncheon

Second Annual Hall of Fame Luncheon

Third Annual Hall of Fame Luncheon

Fourth Annual Hall of Fame Luncheon

December 2 – 3, 2011 Second Annual Hall of Fame Basketball Classic
August 31, 2012 (Fri.) RHS Hall of Fame Golf Tournament
September 1, 2012 (Sat.) RHS Hall of Fame Luncheon and Induction Ceremony

Brown University awarded $2.

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Housing and Homelessness.

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Asia and Northern Africa.

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In December By Megan Scudellari.

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