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Despite the known fact that 90 % of Americans.

Despite the known fact that 90 % of Americans, Africans and Europeans desire genetically altered organisms labeled, the huge multinational food corporations realize that revenue come before health insurance and think that GM/GE foods are in no way different from other foods simply because of their method of production . The representatives from the 49th Parallel International NonGovernmental Institutions countered that argument by stating, If, as america provides claimed, there is no difference between GM foods and non-GM food, after that why do companies rush to the Patent Workplace to patent their unique GM meals? This contentious concern offers been hotly debated for days gone by 19 years at Codex with no chance for agreement as the entire EU, Brazil, all African countries and Saint Lucia demanded that GMOs become labeled so individuals are capable to make the best choice.Experts continue to worry that the virus will mutate into a form passed between people causing a pandemic where millions of people could die. Meanwhile leading bird flu expert and microbiologist, professor Yi Guan, at the University of Hong Kong, says an influenza pandemic could be avoided if disease surveillance and control methods are correctly and promptly conducted. Dr. Guan offers been studying and tracking the H5N1 bird flu virus because it first made an appearance in Hong Kong in 1997. He says with proper surveillance in both humans and pets and a long-term technique, a pandemic influenza could be stopped forever.