Rector, Arkansas
Rector High School Sports Hall of Fame, Inc.

Because the early 70s.

Among the plaintiffs in the entire case, Arline MacCormack of Newton, Massachusetts, stated ‘The features of my tumor were for ladies over 60 typically. It wasn’t the kind of cancer a 40-year-old or a 44-year-old female gets.’ Another of the plaintiffs, Jackie White of Centerburg, Ohio, stated she became suspicious that DES triggered her cancer after viewing the high estrogen amounts in her pathology reviews.Obviously, Butch was confounded, so he called the physician for a translation. How many of these can you read? Rx 4 A pharmacy specialist at Walgreens in Kingston, NY, had the enjoyment of decoding this drug name and illegible guidelines with the help of someone in the prescriber’s office. Can you read it? ANSWERS Rx 1: 1) Zocor 40 mg #90—take once a trip to bedtime; 2) Lortab 5—take once a complete time; 3) Metformin 500 mg—take 2, twice a day; 4) Zoloft 50 mg #30—take once a day; 5) Glipizide XL 10 mg #180—take a day twice; 6) Humulin 70/30 #3—50 units each morning and 50 units in the evening Rx 2: Zithromax 250 —take 2 tablets by mouth time 1, then take 1 tablet by mouth daily for 4 more days Browse the answers IS IT POSSIBLE TO READ THESE RXS? Submit your eye-straining, baffling prescriptions—now via e-mail and fax as well as regular mail! Submissions must include a clean photocopy or scanned image of the Rx; your institution’s location and name; your name and title; the correct name of the drug, strength, and dosing requirements; and your contact number.