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Blemishes proven to hurt job seekers chances Searching for work?

In the first research, the experts tracked the eye actions of 171 undergraduates because they listened to work interviews while searching at images of the work applicants’ faces – with and without simulated blemishes. Then your experts asked the undergrads to recall information regarding the job candidates. Ordinarily, a person gazes at a triangular region bounded by the eye and nasal area of the individual he/she is talking to. But the researchers discovered that job applicants’ facial blemishes tended to attract the gaze somewhere else – and the even more the gaze was redirected, the less the college students remembered about the work candidates.‘Hospital sources in east China's Jiangsu province said Wednesday that the five patients who have been diagnosed with the lesser-known H7N9 bird flu remain in critical condition,’ Xinhua notes . ‘The emergence in China of the H7N9 strain of avian flu. [is certainly] troubling because the strain has not previously been within human beings,’ the Washington Post provides . ‘Reports of the new flu strain sparked a stampede to get shares in Chinese drug makers amid speculation it might create a spike popular for related medicines, the [People's Daily online] wrote,’ based on the New York Times' ‘View From Asia’ blog .